Erik Lanuza




A freelance project were I worked with CAD-modelling and rendering to create a background composition for a mix compilation.





A freelance project were I worked together with Henning R. Nielsen to create a EP-cover. Here we worked with pictures and Adobe illustrator to create the final result.


M.208 - Comic Book Exercise


A drawing and rendering exercise done during the Visual Identity course at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Here i used pencil and pen for sketching before scanning and finishing the illustrations in Adobe Photoshop.


Product sketches


Miscellaneous sketches and fast renderings taken from different design projects done during my time at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.



Atlas - concept renderings


Concept renderings for different tasks and areas were a powered exoskeleton could contribute. These renderings were done as a part of the Atlas project at the Oslo school of Architecture and Design during fall 2008.




EkChuah is a food product concept that I made during spring of 2008 at the Oslo School of Architcture and Design. EkChuah takes chocolate back to its roots in the jungles of Latin America. A product heavily inspired by the Mayan civilization and the origins of the cocoa bean.


Kolbotn Hip-Hop Festival - flyer


A freelance project were I got to work with photography, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make a promotional flyer for the Kolbotn Hip-Hop festival 2007.


Solo - production course concept


This was a group project were we were tasked with re-designing the Norwegian Solo soda bottle.

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